Patrick Williams

Mr. Williams is an award-winning golf writer who has been in the industry for more than 20 years. A current member of the National Golf Panel, the committee of golf professionals, he specializes in providing features such as equipment reviews, golf travel destinations, and the latest industry issues. He is currently the lead writer and the editor of the Golf magazine. He also does other freelance writing jobs including travel, real estate, travel destinations, and a whole lot more. Mr. Williams is one of the major contributors to making Golf Magazine rise to fame.

Mike Beverly

Mr. Mike Beverly is a PGA-certified coaching instructor that has earned certification at all levels. Mr. Beverly has also worked with some of the famous personalities and minds in the golfing industry and was employed on several publications before working at Golf Magazine. He has also covered major tournaments including the US Open and the Ryder Cup to name a few. In Golf Magazine, he is our teacher, providing consistent features that focus on teaching the right fundamentals of the game. He also writes about the latest news and trends on the amateur and college golfing scene.

Curtis Williamson

Mr. Curtis Williamson is a certified entrepreneur with a huge passion for golf. Some years ago, he started his own company that features golf fashion, accessories, and footwear. Today, his now popular company also sells other golfing stuff including equipment and other related items. At Golf Magazine, Mr. Williamson focuses on reviewing golf courses and providing information on the latest trends and collections of golf equipment. From time to time, he is also engaged in traveling, using the sport of golf as his medium to discover beautiful and fresh golf locations from all over the world.