Golf Magazine is an accessible and content-rich platform that provides golf enthusiasts with the latest trends and news about golf. Several surveys have indicated that most golf enthusiasts get their news and information from online platforms instead of buying hard copy magazines. Our online magazine will be able to help you reach your desired market with our more than 25,000 newsletter subscribers, 100 thousand social media followers, and 1500 unique visitors daily on our website.

We offer the following advertising options and corresponding rates:

Email Marketing

With over 25,000 subscribers and weekly newsletter, you will have the chance to promote your niche and reach your desired audience. You can advertise in various parts of our newsletter depending on the section you like. The advertising terms include 200 words text and a “call to action” site link.

Rate: $70 per newsletter

Text Link on Main Website Page

We can provide a space for your advertisement on the main page of our website. We offer several positions and placement on our main page depending on what you want.

Rate: $50 monthly on a 150 x 100-pixel space.

Home Page Banner

This is intended for people who want permanent advertising space on our website. The size is 150 x 100 pixels, which are located on the right side and third column of the main page. The term includes a URL Linkage and tracking with a maximum file size of 10K.

Rate: $300 monthly

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